Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How To Survive Exams

It's the season that we all dread, that we all hope will magically disappear. More often than not it's doesn't so I guess you'll be needing my help on how to survive such a tiresome week and the exam stress that comes with it.

Plan Ahead- One big mistake is not knowing when your tests are; so that you can revise in order. There's no point revising for your last test before your first and this can save you a lot of time. Just print out the exam schedule so you know when you have each subject. Also this can stop you from having a last minute freak out when you realise you have a test next that you didn't know about. It also a way of helping you cope with exam stress. By knowing what you're doing you're at least not panicking about where you have to be.

Don't Cram - Often people get into a last minute panic and go on a frenzy. This could lead to them staying up all night revising while hyped up on WAY too many cups of coffee. But I'll let you in on a secret, cramming doesn't actually help. Most of the stuff you cram, you forget as soon as you get into the exam. So basically you just wasted a blissful night's sleep to revise when it won't even help you.
It's not really worth it is it?

You're Running Out Of Time- Don't leave things to the last minute, it will only end up stressing you out and giving you a bad grade to go with it. I know that revision is boring and that you have better things to do. But trust me it's better and less stressful to be prepared. Especially when you have a lot of tests to revise for. Also it's better to break this habit now so that when the important tests come along you're already used to it.

Revise- It seems so simple yet it's so very hard. If you're like me then you think that revision is one of the most irritating things you have to do. But you do have to do it, so just knuckle down and get on with it. There are many different ways to revise it doesn't just have to be reading textbook after textbook. Online you can find some interesting learning games and activities that will make you forget that you're learning.

Also why not try making flash cards, they are small, easy to read and put all your notes in one area.

Keep Calm And _______ - Exams can be stressful but in order to survive you need to keep calm. Panicking will do nothing but get you riled up for no reason. As long as you've revised then you have nothing to worry about. If you do your best then no one can really ask you for more. Also make sure to have breaks in between revising. Studying for 4 hours straight may not be the best option for you. So take breaks every hour or so, so that you can focus and remain attentive.

I really hope these tips will help you to deal with exam stress and help you to focus so you can best results you can. These are some things that I've done to help myself cope with exam stress and so far I've made it out the other side of many exam weeks. Good luck to anyone in the UK who has exams this week and next. Or if you have your exams later on in the year then hopefully you can put these tips in practice. Stay amazing x.

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P.s. Here's a youtube video that I think can also help you with your exams.