Youtuber Review

Name: Kristee

You tube channel name: strawberryelectric48

Type of youtuber: beauty guru

Number of subscribers(approx at the time I wrote this): 275,000

Consistency of uploads:3.5


Score out of five stars: 3.5

How funny they are (out of five stars): 4

Main Review

Kristee's channel was predominately a makeup and fashion channel but since she has been at college she has branched out in terms of the subject of her videos. She is a really funny, lighthearted girl whose videos are filled with a lot of positivity. I recommend that you check out her channel especially if you're a teen girl or any other age. As she has a lot of really good makeup tutorials for everyday and dressy. Ultimately strawberryelectric48 is a fun channel to watch whenever you're bored or feeling down as Kristee can always put a smile on your face. Her videos are mostly of good quality and very engaging. So why not check her out.