My Story

I wanted to share with you guys my musical story from when I was younger to now. Hopefully you'll enjoy it!

Like a lot of people when I was a kid I wanted to be a singer.  I thought it was the best job ever and that I could easily outsing anyone on X factor - I couldn't. But that didn't stop me from putting on little shows for my parents and planning with my friend how I would become a singer and she would be a dancer.

I guess afterwhile I forgot all about this and I happily went on with my life like a normal child. But things changed when my parents got a TV upstairs. You're probably wondering what this has to do with anything but this really sparked my passion for music.

I went through an anti social phase when I would spend all my evenings locked up in my parents room watching TV. There wasn't always a lot to watch so often I would end up watching Hit 40Uk. Which is a show where they count down the Top 40. I used to looove this show and the songs they played. I would always try to sing along thinking that I sounded just like the people on the TV. Some of the songs I still listen to now and think back. It's sad to say that those are some of my best memories.

When I was 11 I decided to get serious about music but it didn't last long. Thinking I already had the perfect vocals I knew I had to learn to play the keyboard. As I thought if I learn to play the keyboard then I'll be able to write songs and this will make me stand out of all the other singers . So I started playing the keyboard, at first all they had me playing was nursery rhymes and I had a lesson for half an hour a week with 3 other people. So you can imagine that I didn't learn much.

When I got to secondary I had 1 to 1 lessons with a teacher but I still didn't have a keyboard at home to practice on. Anyway I didn't really like the lessons and it started to interfere with my school work so I stopped.

Meanwhile I wrote my first song when I was 11 and it was sooo bad. I don't even count it as my first song as it was basically a parody of another song. Between the ages of 11 and 13 I wrote about 30 songs or should I say lyrics as they didn't have any music. But I kept on writing while trying to figure out how to get a record deal by watching various videos. I was slowly starting to find out that getting a record deal is harder than it looks and that my singing was not as good as I thought it was.

When I was 14 I started to get really into songwriting and in 1 year I wrote 170 songs. Not all of them were good but I have some that I'm really proud of and this was the start of my songwriting dream.

After this I started studying great songwriters such as Ryan Tedder and singer songwriters like Jessie J and Jason Derulo. I really started to focus on my songwriting more and devoting time to it. By this time I wasn't 11 anymore and I realised that it is so hard to become a singer and that I'd have a better chance as a songwriter. Plus I loved it more, I still liked singing and there wasn't a moment when you wouldn't catch me belting out one song or another. But songwriting took the place of singing as my passion and I was just better at it. Songs would just pop into my head with no effort at all and I couldn't really imagine my shy self up on stage in front of that many people.
So I let singing take a back seat and worked on cultivating my skills as a songwriter.

Then I discovered  rap and hiphop. I don't even know how that happened. I started off just listening to Nicki Minaj and then I moved on to other female rappers at first. I was so fascinated by how misunderstood the genre was and about the history. The technical side of it really excited me because I never knew how much was behind a seemingly simple thing. Anyone can rhyme but not just anyone could rap. I started to study the greats and other people in hopes of learning how to rap.

I remember the first rap I ever wrote it was soooooooo cringey. I've gotten better since then but I've still got a lot to work on. For awhile during this whole rap obsession I started to slack on my music and even considered that in the future it would be okay if I worked in marketing. I didn't believe in myself because I knew I was alone in this, nobody else really knew about my musical aspirations. I saw person after person on TV or even some I knew doing something to further their music career even if they didn't always succeed. At least they were closer to getting there than I was.

That's when I got serious for real. I realised that as much as I'd love it nobody is going to hand me a record deal and that I've really got to work hard. I started teaching myself the keyboard, learning how to rap and how to sing well. I still haven't really taken it outside of these 4 walls but I've given myself a year to improve on everything and work on my performance skills before I'm ready for the world to know.

I hope to keep you informed on my journey and I hope that this was enjoyable to read.

UPDATE: For awhile I kind of put song writing and music on the back seat because I was too lazy to work at it. But after almost a year and a half of not putting my all into it, now I'm finally ready to put my future in my hands and to do something that I love. Later on this summer I plan on entering the Uk Songwriting contest and hopefully I'll be a finalist or even win. I really truly enjoy songwriting and I realise that I've gotten so much better at it and I'm almost at a professional level but I still need t work at it and improve.

I wish I hadn't been such a quitter and given up so easily but there's still time for me to make up for lost time. So I'm going to work as hard as I can.