Saturday, 10 May 2014

Who Am I - The Guide To Finding Yourself

This is a very personal thing that everyone has to do at least once in their life. I think that the road to self discovery cam be a tough one as well especially if you don't know where to start. So I thought I'd give you some pointers to help you get started on your journey of finding yourself.

Do What You Love To Do- Often our hobbies, gifts and talents can define us in one way or another. They are not our whole identity but what you do does affect who you are. By doing things that you like it will help you realise what things are important to you. If you love doing athletics for example then this shows you that you are a person who likes sport which will then form part of your identity. Plus finding out what you love can lead you pursue it in whatever shape or form. So it may have an affect on who you are going to be as well.

Who Am I And How To Find Yourself 
Spend Time Alone- This is something I took a little overboard but it is necessary. If you are constantly around others then you won't find out who you are. You will just find out who you are around them which is not the same. Everyone needs some personal space and "you time" is important for everybody. It can help you to become who you truly are because nobody is watching and nobody is there to judge you.

Decision Time- You need to decide what is important in your life and what isn't. Everyone has a choice about which direction their life takes them. Not everybody can get this right straight away so be prepared to re-find yourself over and over. Maybe you have some kind of addiction or you're doing something that you know isn't right. Nobody should let these sorts of things define them as this can often change who they are for the worse. If you really want to find your true self then you need to cut out anything that doesn't help you in journey.

A Clean Slate- Everyone makes mistakes, it's a fact of life. Though some mistakes are bigger than others but it's just as easy to make those as it is the smaller ones. When finding yourself it's often good to start over. People sometimes let the baggage from what has happened hang over them and this restricts their life. A clean slate allows you to get rid of any past mistakes. They won't matter anymore and this is when you can truly move on with your life.

Be Patient- You like most people are more complex than you first realise. Don't expect to find yourself so easily or quickly because that won't happen. You are always changing and evolving as a person so who you were 5 years ago is not necessarily who you are now. Especially as teens it's important to remember that we haven't experienced most of life yet and that will change us. Nobody stays the same forever but you will get to a point where you are comfortable in yourself and who you are.

I really hope that you enjoyed these tips on how to find yourself. Hopefully this will help you guys in your journey of self discovery. It's one that I'm on and that I think I will be on for a long time. But don't worry if you don't know who you are yet it's doesn't mean that you're a stranger to yourself. It just means you haven't found all the pieces who make up who you are.

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Remember guys never give up, never give in and stay amazing x.

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