Wednesday, 14 May 2014

How To Make Friends

I've talked about what types of friends we all have in my What Types Of Friends Do You Have Part 1 and 2. But today I'm going to give you some tips on how to find friends or make some new friends. This can often be a difficult process for some people if they are shy or just don't know what to say. However I think these are some practical tips to you get you on your way to making new friends.

1.Be A Nice Person- In order for a friendship to work both people have to like each other and want to be in their company. At least this is the case for all true friendships and these are the ones you want to be aiming for. If you are rude or not welcoming then people won't want to talk to you. It's doesn't matter if that's not really who you are, they won't get a chance to find out because you've already scared them off. With friendships first impressions do matter although you can always change their opinion. But people would much rather be friends with an open, happy smiling person than a rude judgemental one.

2.Make Conversation- It's always awkward when you meet someone new and you don't know what to say to them. Don't wait for them to come up with something they may be just as shy if not more than you. Instead ask them about themselves, their hobbies and what they like to do. Then this will give you some topics of discussion. Make sure to listen to what they're saying and keep asking questions. It may seem like you're asking too much but this is something that may need to be done. Also this is a great way to get to know what the person is like and if they are a suitable friendship match for you.

3. Find Common Interests- Following on from number 2. Once you have found out their interests you can see whether you have anything in common. This can be an easy to way to get conversation flowing by talking about a mutual subject. Also if you have nothing at all in common then maybe the friendship won't be as interesting as it could be.

4.Talk To People- Don't always wait for someone to approach you because they might not. If you want to make friends then go out and talk to people. Join clubs, do different activities this is a good way to meet people with things in common with you. Waiting at home for people to come to you won't work and people like it when you make an effort. If you're too shy to approach people then start off small. Talk to someone who you know is quiet as this will make it easier for you to not feel so intimidated.

Hopefully this quick little guide will lend you a helping hand in making some friends. I hope you enjoyed this x. Here's a quick little video about how to find good friends. I think this is very important because your friends have an influence on who you are and who you're going to be.

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