Sunday, 27 April 2014

Do You Recognise These Teachers? Part 1

Anyone who goes to secondary school can relate to this. The types of teachers seem to vary more as it's a bigger school. But these types of teachers are in every school from the best school in the country to the worst.

1. The Newbie - You can tell this teacher from a mile away. They are the easiest targets because they have no idea how to control a class. But you end up feeling kind of sorry for them although not enough to stop you using this golden opportunity to do whatever you want. This teacher may be useless at the beginning but they do actually care about making lessons fun for you. So if you have a newbie enjoy it while it lasts it's the closest you'll get to having a permanent substitute teacher.

2. The Lazy One - This teacher is normally middle aged or elderly and they have been teaching FOREVER. By the time they teach you they no longer care about your education. They don't even teach you anymore. This is the kind of teacher whose lesson plans only consists of silent book work. Their lesson is so mind numbingly boring that by the end you're so used to silence you've forgotten what noise sounds like. The day they're not in is the best day ever and they leave you wondering how they even still have their job.

3. The Overly Strict One - This teacher hates kids and has you thinking why they would ever get a job in a school. They have no patience for anyone and their main method of discipline is to shout in your face. Which is extremely unpleasant as they usually get right up in your face and don't have the best breath. They make a very hostile learning environment and is one of the teachers you looove to hate. The butt of many of jokes is normally them and you get a kick out of doing impressions of them.

4. The Best Friend- This teacher is the cringest one of all. They are normally quite young and always feel the need to say that they were only our age a little while ago. It is embarrassing to watch the teacher try to act like one of the "lads" or one of the girls. Especially when then they keep dropping in little bits of slang to make us like them. Which does not work.

5. The Story Teller- This is a teacher who loves to tell endless stories about their life. Normally they do this in the middle of class and they easily get side tracked. One well placed comment can make sure that you don't have to pay attention for the rest of the lesson. We love and hate this teacher. On one hand their short attention span means we don't have to do any work. But on the other hand their constant stories about their boring life and family become repetitive after awhile.

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what types of teachers you have at your school and I'll make part 2.

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