Saturday, 26 April 2014

What Types Of Friends Do You Have? Part 1

Friends we all have them, we love them we hate them but there are many different types. People often say there are 2 types of friends the good and the bad but I think there are more than that. So I'm going to tell you about all the different types that I've encountered and that we're all bound to encounter at one point or another!

1. The Mother- These are one of the most irritating type of friends but they can't just be your friend. However these people are normally very caring and just have your best interests at heart. This type of friend is always giving you motherly advice like reminding you to put your coat on so you don't catch a cold and they are ALWAYS ruining your fun by reminding how dangerous and/or stupid what you are about to do is. But this friend will stop you from making silly mistakes that you may later regret.

2. The Train-Wreck/Party Girl- This friend is out of CONTROL!!! They always seems to get themselves in bad situations no matter how much you try to help them. Whether they keep getting into bad relationships or get too crazy at parties, this girl will always keep you on your toes. The party girl is the one most likely to come up with crazy ideas that ALWAYS end badly but you go along with it anyway for a laugh. This friend may be crazy and a lot to deal with sometimes but she needs you and is actually quite a good friend.

3. The Patient- This girl is naive when it comes to relationships, friends and life in general. They always seem to get the bad end of the stick and when this happens they come to you a sniveling mess. This friend tells EVERYTHING even stuff you didn't need to or want to know. By the end of one of your sessions you can end up feeling like an unqualified , unpaid therapist. Which is good experience is you do want to become a therapist but otherwise this can just be a pain in the pain. But this friend is soo sweet that you take them back in every time just like a lost puppy.

Types of friends
4. The Swot/ The All Rounder- This is one of the most hated type of friends through no fault of their. They are really intelligent and get straight As without even trying while the rest of have to study extra hard just to get a B. It seems sooo unfair to us average  people that they seem to have been blessed with so many different talents while we struggle to have one talent. But we can't stay mad at them too long, they are really good friends and it's not their fault that they are soo clever and plus they can always help us with our homework.

5. The Drama Queen- This friend lives their life as if there are a whole crew with camera following them around. Most likely their dream is to be an actress and they use every opportunity they can to practice on you and your friends. However they overreact to every little thing and one misguided comment could create a meltdown. You love this person because they always keep the laugh's coming with their over the top ways and they probably consider themselves the group's entertainer.

There are different types of bad friends and good ones. Some of them are a mix between and make it hard to figure out who the toxic friends are. Most of the friends I've mentioned so far are pretty much harmless though. Look out for part 2 to find out what types of friends you have. Hope you enjoyed this x.

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