Tuesday, 29 April 2014

High School Girls Part 1

To those of you who are still in high school you'll realise that they're many different types of girls. Some good some bad but all unique in their own way. These are a few of the types of girls I've experienced so far...

1. The Speed Dater- This girl seems to always be dating someone new. You've lost count of how many boys she's dated and wonder how she can be asked out so often. Many of the boys she's dated are similar and you've stopped bothering to learn their names. Every time you ask the question who are you dating? You brace yourself for the full account of how she met him and how amazing he is. Even though you know he won't last long. This girl seems to be in a competition with herself to see how many boys she can date in the shortest amounts of time. They make you wonder if they even like the people they date or how they can keep up. You're sure that they've probably mixed two ex's up and dread to think what they'll be like when they're older.

2. The Puppy Dog - This girl is both hopelessly cute and incredibly annoying at the same time. She is the sidekick of another girl and she followers her wherever she goes. You barely know who she is because she spends all her time being who others tell her to be. Also she is very overprotective of this girl and will defend her forever even if the girl is wrong. However when the leader isn't there this person comes to life and leaves you wondering why they choose to be this persons ghost.

3. The Little Sister- This girl is innocent and naive to the point you're sure they are putting it on. You are constantly having to baby this person and they need you to be okay. Sometimes this makes you feel trapped because you can't leave them alone for two seconds. Other than that they are alright friends. They are always the butt of people's jokes because of their naivety and they are easy to take advantage of. It can be annoying to have to babysit this person and sometimes you think why don't they just grow up. But that's what makes them likeable in their own way.

4. The Karen - This girl is soooo dumb, just like Karen from mean girls, they come up with the most outrageous and unintelligent comments. Sometimes you think they are acting but other times you're not so sure. They leave you flabbergasted with what comes out of their mouth. But they do provide a brilliant source of entertainment and you can always go to them if you want to feel smart.

5. The Gossip Girl- This girl is one who got on my nerves a lot. They just loved to know everything about everyone and anything they didn't know they fabricated out of thin air. Often what came out of their mouths was so incredibly far from the truth that you manage to find out things about yourself that you didn't know. We've all spread a piece of gossip before whether we meant to or not but this person takes it to the extreme. Everyone knows they can't keep secrets so they avoid them like the plague. This person must have super powers as they seem to know things that no one has told them about. Their gossiping habit can make it hard for people to trust them and might ruin some friendship. Also nasty gossip can hurt people's feelings and you don't know for sure how someone will take it
it. So it's best not to do it.

Did you recognise some of these types of girls it could be you, your friend or someone you know of . How would you class yourself and what type of girl do you think you are? Also what type of girl do others think you are? Hope you enjoyed this and look out for part 2.

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