Monday, 2 June 2014

How To Get Along With Your Parents

Our parents, whether we like them or not are here to stay, so you'd better learn how to get along with them. Often in the teen years our parents can become our worst enemies so quick that you can forget how you managed to get along with them when you were younger. But it doesn't have to be like that and I'm sure all the constant bickering isn't fun for either of you. So I'm going to help you.

Don't Talk Back To Me, Talk To Me

This may sound silly and you may think that you talk to your parents a lot. But a lot of people don't actually talk to their parents except when complaining or asking for something.

Your parents are people too and want people to care about what they have to say as well.
Why not ask them how their day was or start random conversations. It would mean a lot to them to know that you care. Also when you talk to your parents instead of shouting then you can help build a stronger relationship with them. As communication is always key.

Just Do It

It can seem like our parents have a long, long list of things of chores they want us to do. Especially when we are in the middle of doing something. Sometimes it seems like whenever you have free time they don't ask you do anything but as soon as you're busy they have a million and one things for you to do. This can be really annoying and trust me I've been there.

However most of the time they are always nagging you about some things in particular. For example it may be about washing the dishes you know you're meant to but you put it off. Then your parents come home and nag you about it. I believe that people only do things if they can get something out of it, even the most selfless thing can be selfish because the person feels good for doing it. So you must be getting something out of being nagged. Otherwise you would JUST DO IT and get it over with.

Isn't it better to do it when you have free time instead of being forced in the middle of doing something. Why not just try doing it and see if your parents notice. If they see you taking responsibility then it can earn you brownie points and makes them more likely to treat you like a mature adult.

The Rules Were(n't)  Meant To Broken

Parents set us loads of rules and they can be quite suffocating. Especially when you are a teen and in that awkward stage of not being an adult or a child. This can be even worse if you have strict parents like me or parents who worry. No one is 100% good and we all make mistakes but when you make the same one over and over then it isn't a mistake it's an action.

So if you make the mistake of breaking curfew every Saturday night then you are choosing to break the rules. Parents put rules there for a reason and although we may not like it or understand it you need to try to listen to it. This can be really hard, I know especially when all your friends can do something you can't. But breaking their rules is only going to make your parents think you are immature and irresponsible. Which will lead them to treat you like a child.

However if you say why you don't like the rule in a mature way, get your point across and try to follow it anyway then this will say a lot. This could make them reconsider because they know you can handle it. Do you really think they are going to extend the curfew of the brat that pays no attention to it? They won't and they'll probably end up making it even earlier.

Watch Your Mouth

We are bound to have fights with our parents, some more than others and it can be so easy to say something we regret. I know it can sometimes be hard to bite back that sarcastic comment but it's for the best. Think about it, if you don't say that then you can cut the argument in half and you won't get in as much trouble. So is that one little comment really worth it.

I know when you are getting told off it can be hard not to talk back. But if you don't then this will shorten it. By talking back you get another lecture on top of the one you're already getting for taking back. Also if you acknowledge what you did and try to remedy it, it will show your maturity.

Well guys these are just a few tips to help you in getting along better with your parents. Parents are human too and make mistakes just like you so cut them some slack and they are not always out to get you. Also remember that working with them is better and less time consuming than working against them. I hope you enjoyed this and it helped you. Stay amazing x.

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