Tuesday, 6 May 2014

What Types Of Friends Do You Have? Part 2

This is part 2 to my what types of friends do you have post. I have definitely encountered a lot of people so far and I'm sure I'm bound to meet many more interesting people. Our friends are a big part of our lives so I thought it'd be fun to tell you the types I've had.

The Best Friend- This is one of the greatest people in your life and you are inseparable . As you get older you may not do everything together like you used to but you're always there for each other. They always seem to make a boring situation  fun and everything's more interesting when you are both there. You can talk for hours on end about seemingly pointless things and no one else really gets you apart from them. In your life you only a get a few outstanding best friends so once you find yours don't let them go. But remember a good friend is there for you as much as you are for them so don't let fake besties control your life.

The Bossy One- This type of friend you like but can be overwhelmingly annoying at times. In every situation they always have to be in charge and they can't let anyone else take control. Even when you don't ask or want their advice they give it to you as an order and it annoys you how they never listen to others. Sometimes it's easier to let this person walk all over you than have to deal with them. But you should always stand up for yourself even when you don't want to. This friend doesn't mean to be this way and is actually quite nice but they love to be in control. They are very head strong and stubborn and believe it's their way or the highway. With this kind of friend you have to decide whether or not they're  worth it.

The Pushover- With the bossy friend comes the complete opposite, the pushover. It's funny because normally these two are the best of friends. The bossy one can walk all over them and the pushover won't mind. This person is normally super sweet and loving and doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Often this ends up with them trying to please everybody which makes everyone upset with them. It can infuriate you that they seem to have no backbone but other times you're glad you can use this to your advantage. Although when you do you feel soooo guilty like you exploited a helpless creature. You worry about this person because they don't know how to say no and later on this may land them in trouble. But you try to help them as best you can and if anyone should walk all over them it should be someone who loves them.

The Megaphone - I have had a looooooooooooooooooot of experience with this type of friend, I've even had one as a best friend, so trust me it's no walk in the park. This person must be deaf or have hearing problems as they feel the need to shout everything, all the time, no matter where they are. They are great fun and you have a laugh with them but sometimes it's embarrassing to be seen in public with them. As they talk so loudly that people often give you weird looks when you are together. You've heard of a bubbly personality but this person is bubbly with a built in megaphone. Although they can be a major embarrassment you just roll with it. They are your friend and you should be proud to be seen with them. Also they allow you to act crazy and let go without being judged by them. So the crazy fun times keep on coming.

The #nofilter - This is a very peculiar type of friend if you can even call them that. Sometimes you wonder because of the way they speak to you but then you remember that's just how they are. They don't think before they speak. Plain and simple, so as you can imagine that often this gets them into bad situations. But it's not their fault it's just who they are and they always have to say what's on their mind. This is the friend that will be brutally honest to a point that you wish they were just a tad more tactful. However if you ever want a honest opinion they are the ones to go to and at least you know they'll never lie to you. At times what they say can just seem plain rude and may lead to some arguments. But give them a chance they are not just truthful about the bad things but the good things to.

This concludes part 2 of my types of friends post. Hopefully you enjoyed finding out about the wacky friends I've had or have. If you recognize any of your friends show this to them and also try to identify who you are. Also look out for part 3 and stay amazing x.

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