Wednesday, 7 May 2014

High School Girls Part 2

High School Girls - you either love them or hate them and normally it's the latter. School can be a rough time at the best of times, without all these different clashing personalities floating about. Oh well! who ever said High School was easy- or fun. I'm gonna to tell you about the types of High School girls that I've encountered. Who knows maybe you or a friend will appear on this list.

The CryBaby - Beware this girl you will forever be walking on eggshells as long as you're around her. Good luck is all I can say if you're her friend, but then again if you're not you could still cause waterworks. This girl is extremely over sensitive- like reallllly over sensitive and they can't take a joke. So don't joke about with them. It will just end bad for both of you but mostly you. People are either annoyed by her or over protective of her but either way don't bring up her water works in a conversation. You will regret it. Although this girl probably irritates you and secretly everyone else, you know it's only so many years before you never have to see her shed another tear.

The Somebody Nobody- This girl is everyone's best friend. But all her best friends hate her. They may think they're popular, they may even seem popular but the truth is nobody likes them. Which is quite harsh but it comes with a reason. The Somebody Nobody is normally arrogant, rude and has no regard for anyone else's feelings. She uses her apparent popularity to walk all over people so you can understand how she's ruffled a few feathers. It can be sooo aggravating sometimes because you really want to tell them but you know everyone will deny it and they'll all turn on you. Such is the life of a high school girl, there is back stabbing in every corner.

The HouseHold Pet- There is a reason some girls are called bitches and this word was invented not as a name for a female dog but to describe this girl. They are soo mean, soo rude, soo cut throat. To be honest one of the only things movies get right about high school is the portrayal of the mean girl. But forget being mean this girl takes being rude to a whole new level. If it were a sport they would have taken home ALL the gold medals. You don't understand why this person has a personal grudge against almost everyone. They always feel the need to say some snide, unwanted, unnecessary comment. Maybe they do this so that no one is rude to them back or maybe they are just the spawn of the devil. Either way the high school HouseHold Pet is the meanest and rudest one you will ever get. So you don't have to live in fear.

The Hot Mess- This girl is crazzzzzy and not in a good way. They are a hot mess empathise on the mess. To me this was always the sadest one of them all. In the beginning of high school they start out fresh faced, normal, like a functioning member of society. But somehow along the way they get corrupted BIG TIME and end up doing some outrageous stuff. She is the girl who you are baffled at the fact that she hasn't been expelled yet. Sometimes you feel sorry for her because she is just throwing her life away for a cheap thrills. However most of the time you try to steer clear as this person normally leads other down the same road.

The Parrot- Aka the side kick the sidechick, or anything to the side really. This girl is a basic follower 101, she has no voice or mind of her own. She latches onto one girl in the beginning (often a loud one) and never ever let's go. Its not that this girl can't talk or that she's shy it's just the only things she has to say are echoes of other people. They can be irritating and often secretly you wish that like a parrot they would fly away. However they are normally quite nice but their identity is just taking a little longer to form than everyone's did. If this person bought a personality then they could be a good person to hang out with. But until then ... They'll keep on repeating.

I hope you enjoyed the second edition of High School Girls. I'm thinking of doing a part 3 and a High School Boys version. Hopefully you enjoyed my light hearted thoughts on the types of High School Girls I've encountered. Stay amazing x.

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