Sunday, 18 May 2014

How To Stay Positive

Life is tough and there are many good and bad times. Sometimes it's hard to get through and it feels like there's no light at the end of tunnel. It feels like they're no point in trying anymore but when you do that you miss out on all the really great things about life. I'm gonna give you some tips to keep your chin, to help you keeping going in a nutshell it's the guide to be an optimist.

1. Lift Away The Magnifying Glass- Often people can let the little failures in life bring them down and they're so focused on every little thing that it drives them insane. Look at the bigger picture for once. Instead of focusing on all the small bad things, look at all the big good things you have. By doing this it will relieve you of some stress and allow you to finally relax, sit back and go along for the ride.

2. Have Some Fun- Staying at home and dwelling on your issues is not going to make you happy. So go out or stay home as long as you're having some fun. Doing the things can you love can quickly turn a frown into a smile and it can distract you from whatever is bringing you down.

3.Be Self Obsessed- I know this might sound weird but it's true.  Sometimes all you really need to worry about is what you NEED not what other people want for you. Often people can try to force their ideas down your throat and sometimes we let them dictate how our life goes. In order to stay positive you need to be in control of your life and to do that you need to be focused only on yourself.

4.The Glass Was Always Half Full- So many people spend their lives looking at the bad stuff. Pointing out all the flaws but this isn't the way to happiness. This is the way to sitting all alone in that rocking chair wishing you could have seen things a different way. Inside of doing this make the good things seem bigger. It may seem like there is nothing at all good in your life but there is at least one thing good. By focusing on your achievements rather than your failures you can look to the future instead of going back to the past.

5.Surround Yourself With Positive People- This is so, so important as no matter how good someone's intentions are the people around them can sway their decisions. If you're around negative people who tell you, you can't do it, it's too hard, it's not worth it then eventually you're going to believe it. Not everyone is so thick skinned that despite all this they can still remain positive. The people around you rub off their personality on you so being friends with a super positive person is an easy way to stay positive.

We all go through tough times some worse than others. But all matter and how we act during the hard times can define who we are. If you're having a tough time staying positive then hopefully this helped you. Also remember to always keep looking ahead and dwell on the good not bad stuff. Never give up, never give in and stay amazing x.

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